Prior Work



The applicants' prior Vis-invis project (AHRC Grant no. HR 09032), led by Dr Colin Macduff, Reader and Head of Research and Scholarly Activity, School of Nursing and Midwifery, at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, investigated ways of making pathogens ‘visible’ in the healthcare environment within a multidisciplinary collaboration involving a team from design, art, nursing, clinical microbiology and NHS trusts. In the study, the team explored conceptions and perceptions of pathogens in relation to clinical settings, and produced prototype digital visualisations which aimed at making the pathogens ‘visible’ in the context of the hospital ward [1]. Through a series of workshops with key stakeholders including infection control leads, nurses and domestic staff, one of the key findings was that the adaptation of the visualisations for use in training software for healthcare staff would have significant value. Further, the visualisation of pathogens directly relating to the patient environment was also found to be a strength of the prototypes.

Snippet from an interactive visualisation from the Vis-invis project, informed by the perception of a participant (hospital cleaning staff) of the sink area in a ward before being cleaned.












[1] Macduff, C; Wood, F; Hackett, C; Loudon, D; Macdonald, A; Dancer, S; Karcher, A (2013) Visualising the Invisible: applying an arts-based methodology to explore how healthcare workers and patient representatives envisage pathogens in the context of healthcare associated Infections. Arts and Health: an international journal for research, policy and practice 6 (2); 117-131