The visionOn project demonstrated proof-of-concept for an in-ward training tool for hospital staff for the prevention and control (IPC) of healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

This interactive tablet-based training tool uses dynamic visualisation to make visible pathogen location, survival and transmission in a virtual ward-based context, providing key learning points and layered information.

The prototype tool was found to contain information relevant for different staff cohorts (doctors, nurses and domestic staff), with a mix of experience levels. It assisted participants’ awareness of pathogens, helped to reinforce understanding of how HAIs occur, and helped to explain ‘why’ IPC procedures should be followed.

The visualisations were also found to be engaging and supportive of different learning styles and they offered staff a new perspective on pathogens, being able to ‘see’ them contextualised in the virtual ward, thereby making them seem 'more real'.

Apart from in-ward use, a number of further applications of the tool were suggested, including inductions for new starts, education in schools and universities, and for refresher courses.