Programme of visual applications for Infection Prevention Control

VisionOn programme of research for the use of visualisations in Infection Prevention and Control


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is recognised as one of the most important global issues for human and animal health due to the increasing numbers of resistant infections leading to many existing antimicrobials becoming less effective. Appropriate infection prevention and control (IPC) measures across hospital settings have a crucial role in reducing the incidence of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). The work described here describes a programme of sequential enquiry into addressing the issue of HAIs.


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In the first study, Visinvis, the investigators worked with healthcare staff to explore the mind’s eye in relation to HAIs and dynamic ways of visualising concepts, including new clinical data.







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The second study, visionOn, demonstrated, through a proof of concept interactive tablet app, dynamic visualisations of pathogen location, survival and transmission within a virtual hospital ward model using evidence-based microbiological and staff behavioural data.



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The third study, the HAIVAIRN network seeks to coalesce a diverse range of national and international expertise around visualisation-related ideas to address the prevention and control of HAIs, working from a foundation in arts and humanities.