Stage 1


The stage 1 networking workshop was held at The Glasgow School of Art on 30 September 2016. The three speakers invited to provide a 25 minute powerpoint presentation were:

  • Prof Stephanie Dancer, Dept. of Medical Microbiology, Lanarkshire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Prof Brett Mitchell, Avondale College Faculty of Nursing & Health, Sydney Campus
  • Dr David Pearson, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge Campus

Following each presentation, an open discussion of points raised was facilitated, followed by individuals reflecting, through written responses, on insights from the day, needs and opportunities for research and development and thoughts on the next stage.
The investigators then used a thematic analysis of these responses as the basis for a set of visual mappings for materials for the next stage workshop, with a report on this stage being made available to network members.