• To coalesce a diverse range of national and international expertise around visualisation-related ideas to address the prevention and control of HAIs, working from a foundation in arts and humanities 
  • Through a series of workshop events, to explore and identify areas of research need and opportunity, articulating possible cross-disciplinary contributions
  • To create a set of visual mappings locating main priority themes for inquiry, promising sub-themes and related loci and foci for cross-disciplinary interactions
  • To generate a range of relevant researchable questions from this basis
  • To develop these as feasible cross-disciplinary proposals
  • To disseminate network activities to increase visibility and connectivity in this field


The scope of the network’s discourse will range from the challenges of the visualisation of micro, unseen phenomena such as pathogens and the workings of the mind’s eye, to visualisation of macro phenomena relating to human interactions in healthcare environments. 

This covers a spectrum, from aspects of the imagination through to new, scientific information (e.g. microbiological data) and related professional behaviours. Some of the proximal outcomes arising from this work will be of particular interest to academics in the arts, humanities and sciences and some clinicians. However, we also anticipate a range of more distal impacts for health service practitioners and ultimately patients, families and the general public.